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National Beanpole Week

Tuesday 29 March 2016

National Beanpole Week 9-17th April 2016


Search members products for suppliers of locally coppiced bean poles and pea sticks.


National Beanpole Week calls on gardeners to support Britain’s coppiced woodlands by choosing eco-friendly, locally-grown coppiced beanpoles instead of imported bamboo canes.

By switching to British-grown coppiced beanpoles, gardeners and growers will be doing their bit to support the environment, wildlife, rural jobs, ancient skills and traditions – and their beans.

Traditionally managed coppiced woodlands are a really important part of our countryside because they supply us with truly sustainable wood, provide an incredibly rich wildlife habitat, support hundreds of rural jobs and keep many ancient skills and traditions alive.

Britain lost 90% of its coppiced woodland during the 20th century – and to protect what remains, we need to support the coppice workers who manage these woods by buying their excellent eco-friendly coppiced beanpoles.